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Temp-Mail.co is a provider of temporary E-Mail addresses which expire after 1 day. You can use our disposable E-Mails to create accounts on social media (facebook,pinterest,twitter etc.) and websites. By using our fake E-Mail inboxes you don't have to give them your real mail address. Temp Mail is the perfect solution to avoid spam, advertising E-Mails and phishing mails in your private inbox. Keep your real E-Mail inbox secure and clean.


We offer a reliable and free service that allows you to create an instant temporary email address. You do not have to register an account or give us any personal information. A disposable email address exists only for a short period of time.


With our temporary email service you can now keep your anonymity. A disposable email is perfect if you want to sign up for an account on forums, social media websites or forums. Because you do not have to enter your real email address. Just enter the email address we generated for you.

Mobile Support

Temp-Mail.co is a mobile friendly website that can be used on any device. It doesn't matter if you have a tablet, smartphone or PC. Temp-Mail works from everywhere. The user friendly interface makes it easy to browse through our website and all its features.

What Is A Temporary E-Mail Address?

Temporary mail addresses are also knowm as fake emails or disposable email addresses They are widely used to protect your privacy. Because on every website where you can register a profile you have to enter your private email address. But there are a lot of untrustworthy websites. If you enter there your real email address then you probably get unwanted advertising mails, newsletters and spam. And nobody wants all that kind of stuff!

If you think you can't trust a website but you want to register an account there then you should use a temporary email address from our fake email service. It's recommended to use a disposable mail address only in the private environment. Please do not use such a temp mail address as your main email address! Because these email addresses are temporary and all email that were received will be delted automatically deleted after a short period of time. Another aspect is that the domains of such fake e-mail services are often blacklisted.

The Best Way To Stop Spam

There is always the risk to get a victim of hackers by creating accounts on websites. A hacker can steal all your personal data stored on these websites. Nowadays it is so for hackers and spammers to infect your PC or smartphone with a trojans,keyloggers or viruses via email. No matter if you have the best antivirus software installed. With a disposable email address you minimize the potential risk of a hack and you maximize the security level. It is the perfect solutionfor this problem and it will avoid annoying spam mails in your real inbox.

How Does It Work?

Temp-Mail is a disposable email service that only receive e-mails and does not send emails. Our priority is to protect your privacy and security by avoiding spam, hackers, phishing mails and bots.

All our generated E-Mail addresses aren't protected by a password. They are available for everybody. If you want to stop spam in your private mailbox then you should use this temp email service.

The email addresses are available as long as the email domain is live. That's why we do NOT recommend to use our inboxes for a longer time. There are many names for our service. The most common are fake email generator, temp emails, disposable emails or throwaway mail. The whole website works fully automatically and every mailbox can receive emails even when you are not online. It's not neccessary to reload the page all the time to see the latest received emails. This happens every 2 seconds automatically.

Why Use Temp-Mail?

  • Avoid annoying spam mails in your real email inbox
  • Stay safe and view HTML E-Mails with our service
  • Do not give other services your real E-Mail address and stay private
  • It's more secure to test new services with our E-Mail addresses
  • Safe time and register new profiles on website faster
  • Create as many inboxes as you want. We have no limits!

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